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To be on the market for more than 10 consecutive years and trying to be always on the top has always been a big challenge for us and we put every effort in our business. Nevertheless we like this very much and continue to be just beside you to help no matter what this could cost us. We are surrounded by the best professionals in our industry that could tell you everything about design, print and door-to-door distribution of flyers and leaflets. Leaflet in Essex started as a company with main business flyer and leaflet door-to-door distribution. We learned through the years how to be competitive and ready for new challenges and decided to offer hand-to-hand distribution to you as well. Direct marketing campaigns with flyers and leaflets contain three main stages and they are: Leaflet Design, Leaflet Print and Leaflet Distribution.

We are happy to give you all the services that you need for your whole distribution process so you just have to phone us and we can do everything that you may need. The direct marketing delivery campaigns could be done in two main ways and we can offer both of them to you: Door-To-Door Distribution and Hand-To-Hand Distribution. You just can't afford yourself to be unaware of the innovations and facilities that new technology could offer you. You either implement on time innovations in your industry or otherwise your competitors will be in front of you. We appreciate to be your choice for a company to do business with and we just don't want to leave you disappointed. We often make researches about what is new on the market that concerns our industry and make decision whether it would be good for our company.

Some of these decisions were to apply some innovative devices in our activity and use a specially designed software. These devices are GPS tracking devices that give us opportunities to deliver really exceptional customer service and be in full control with every distribution process we deal with. Our GPS tracking system allows us also to report to you every single step that we have made in the delivery of your flyers or leaflets. We are doing this by sending you GPS tracking maps at the end of your order. These maps show you the exact routes that our distributors have covered in the delivery process. With this we actually prove to you our loyalty and high quality customer services. Due to the GPS system we can make corrections in the distribution process immediately if needed.

Another thing that we have implemented in our business is an intelligent software system that shows us how many households there are in a certain area- an information that we can share absolutely free with you that will help you make the best possible decisions. As you can see we just do anything possible to make out of your business with us an unforgettable experience. Our distributors are able to reach the furthest point of Essex and deliver your leaflet or flyer in any part in the whole county. You should just give us your post sectors or in which settlement you'd like your items do be delivered and we'll take it from there. City of Chelmsford, Harlow, Tendring, Colchester or any other town in Essex every household could be delivered and your message spread with us. Dedication, Reliance, Cooperation. These three key words best describe our business and are the distinctive features that make us exceptional among others in the industry. We are a company that uses own vans and distributors and this makes us totally independent on the market. Some of the best people in the industry work for us, always well prepared for your demands and requirements. It doesn't matter what your business is, if you consider direct marketing campaigns with flyers and leaflets we can help you, just get in touch with us and our professional and highly qualified team will do their best to help you!

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