Using of leaflets and flyers for advertising may not bring you the results that you want after your first campaign but it could be quite useful in a long term period. Your audience may just don't need your product or service at the moment but what is important the recipients of your leaflet or flyer to remember your name and brand and get in touch with you when they need you. You should just never stop acting strictly following your strategy and never forget which is the right direction and stick to it. If you are persistent and patient enough and make 2 or 3 campaigns in several months period the results will be surprisingly good for you. Just seek for our assistance for a leaflet or flyer delivery campaign if your place is Billericay and we will do the rest.

The town of Billericay was eternalised in the Ian Dury and the Blockheads song "Billericay Dickie". Billericay is also mentioned in George Orwell's novel Down and Out in Paris and London. Many beautiful houses were built in the Georgian period that are excellent examples of the architecture for that period. One of these houses that can be also spotted and today is Burghstead Lodge in High Street in which was once situated the library. During the First World War one of the giant German Zeppelin airships was shot down above Billericay after an aerial battle. While falling down it almost crashed on the High Street but luckily it fell over a nearby field. The town is 28 miles east of Central London and has a population of 36338 inhabitants.

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