Except from door-to-door distribution for some time we are happy to offer you also hand-to-hand distribution. With the delivery from hand-to-hand your advert message could be much fortified and personalised. This will make the impact over your audience quite stronger and for certain your potential customers will pay attention to your flyer or leaflet. We can hand out your leaflets near a station, a well-known building or wherever you tell us to do it. It's just good to know that it should be a place with a significant stream of people on a daily basis. You should also pick a time slot for hand-to-hand distribution in which the stream of people would the biggest. Our well trained and polite hand-to-hand deliverers will make an individual approach to every passenger around them and deliver your leaflet, flyer or brochure with a smile and fineness.

There are many theories about the origin of the name of Braintree. One of them is that it comes from Celtic times and it means town by the river. During the 14th century the town was manufacturing woollen cloth that was quite popular for using for clothes till the late 1800s. The town developed significantly during the 17th century when Flemish immigrants began trading with wool cloth. Later in the 19th century the town became a centre for silk manufacturing and many silk mills were open in the town. By the end of 19th century Braintree was a well-developed agricultural and textile town due also to the railway connection with London. In modern times after World War Two the town suffered many changes with many new shops that have come and gone and outlet-like stores that opened in the nearby Freeport Designer Village.

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