You could be an estate agency, a restaurant owner or a local gardener, if your choice is leafleting we could be the perfect company for you. We are real professionals in what we do and we just know exactly what to do to give you a bespoke service and attitude that you're going long to remember. Leaflet and flyer distribution campaigns are in what we are exceptional and we are not going to disappoint you. Trust, loyalty and hard work are what you're going to receive from us and every member of our team knows well all these values of ours and keep strictly to them in every single moment of their work. We can deliver your message in every household in Brentwood and your leaflet or flyer will be distributed accurately and just like you have instructed us. Your decision to do business with us is our responsibility and we will not let you down.

The name of Brentwood probably comes to describe a settlement in the part of the Forest of Essex (later Epping Forest) that would have covered the area in which the main occupation was charcoal burning. Brent was the Middle English for burnt. Another meaning of "brent" could be "holy one", which could be connected to the chapel devoted to Thomas Becket, for the use of pilgrims to Canterbury. One of the oldest buildings in Brentwood is once the pub The White Hart, now a nightclub called Sugar Hut Village. It is believed the building has been built back in 1480 although some think an inn must have stood on the site even in the early 1390s which has been visited by Richard II whose coat of arms included also a white hart.

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