Our GPS tracking system allows us to be in full control with each direct marketing campaign we make and guarantee you the high quality of the whole distribution process. Although you may connect GPS systems only with mobile phones or car navigation systems for example it is actually far more disseminated in our everyday life. As a matter of fact you'll be surprised in how many industries and spheres GPS is used. As you may imagine we are using it in our business as well and it is really helping us to deliver an outstanding services to every customer of ours. At the end of your campaign you receive a GPS tracking map of the delivered areas of your order just to be sure that your money are well spent with us.

Chelmsford has been an important market and agricultural town since 19-th century. Nowadays it is the home of many national and international companies. Chelmsford is a big commercial city which employs at about 80000 people. Since the 1980s the town suffered a significant decline in its business development and many factories mainly connected with defence-related industries have been closed or redeveloped for residential use. However the proximity of Chelmsford to London and its location in the centre of Essex helped it grow as a distribution and administrative centre. It has also a very low rate of unemployment and a very well-educated workforce and at about 10% hold a degree or above. The town is with population of 110000 inhabitants and it could be the best place for your next door-to-door distribution campaign in Essex.

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