Creating of long lasting relationships is something that is hard to be built and it requires time and good will. You should simply share attitude and philosophy that are devoted to mutual trust, hard work and passion about what you are doing. You should also have in mind that you must show all these qualities in your everyday work, without stopping to do it, if you want to be really successful and not just for a while but in the long term on the market. Our aim at Leaflet in Essex is to work with customers only in the long term, be always loyal and always accurate to them. Having all these qualities in ourselves make us believe we are really ready for the challenges that our customers or the market might give us. In case you want a memorable flyer or leaflet distribution in Colchester just connect with us.

Colchester is one of the fastest growing towns in Britain and claimed to be the oldest town in UK. It is believed that the name of the town comes from the oldest Latin words Colonia which refers to a type of Roman settlement the citizens of which had rights similar to the Roman citizens and Castra meaning fortifications which refer to the town's walls that are the oldest in Britain. The town was once the capital of Roman Britain and it is also one of the oldest towns in whole Europe. The population of Colchester is at about 122,000 and it is 51.2 miles northeast of London which also makes it a popular town for commuters. The rich history of the town makes it a place with many interesting historic sites and buildings and appropriate for tourism.

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