You have just started a new business in Grays or you are on the market for several years but you're not quite satisfied with the results. If you're starting a new business there are several things that you should consider before going out on the market and start searching for your market niche. Some of these things are to study well all your competitors and how are they positioned on the market and also to define your target audience, what are their needs and requirements and what you need to do in order they to like your product or service. In case you are already on the market your business may need very much of a refreshment and advertising it could be quite helpful. Why not save some money and time and try leafleting. Leaflet in Essex could do everything for you in the direct marketing campaign and soon you'll get the results that you have always wanted.

Roughly 40000 people live in Grays and it is based on the Thames estuary on the northern side on the river. The town is just in a 30 minutes trip with a train from east London's Dockands and a very suitable place for many commuters. The name comes from the name of a medieval Norman knight called Anchetil De Greye. One of the landmarks in the town is The Gull, a lightship built in 1860 which operated on the foreshore for many years but however is in a very serious state of dilapidation at the moment. Other sites that may be of interest to visitors are the Thameside Theatre, the Thurrock History Museum and Grays Beach. Grays is an excellent place for shopping just 5 minute from the M25 highway with Blue water and Lakeside shopping centres.

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