The design making process of a flyer, leaflet or brochure is a very important stage of your direct marketing campaign and it could destine the whole outcome of your campaign. Before taking the final decision you should consider going through several stages before taking the ultimate choice for the design of your flyer or leaflet. Some of these stages are to create a constructive environment, generate as much good alternatives as you can get, explore very precisely your options till you get to the stage of selecting your best option. You should just have to be smart enough to make the design that will be most productive for you for your business and brand. We at Leaflet in Essex have the right people for you who will make a design for you that will be simply a piece of art.

The earliest signs of life around Harlow are from the Mesolithic era, at about 10,000 BC, and a hunting camp was excavated in the 1970s. During the 3rd century a Roman Fort or settlement was located near Harlow. One of the theories about from where the name of the town derives is that it comes from Anglo-Saxon words 'here' and 'hlaw' meaning 'army hill' associated with Mulberry Hill which was used as the meeting place for the district. In the 1970s a mosaic floor and a Roman temple were discovered on top of an Iron Age temple. One of the largest urban parks in the whole UK is situated in Harlow. Harlow has its own well developed leisure and commercial economy. The town is also part of the London commuter belt and employment centre of the M11 corridor which includes London Stanstead and Cambridge to the north.

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