It is really hard sometimes to take all decisions about your business by yourself without using others' knowledge and advice. Sometimes just despite your passion and strong will for success it's just better to search for help, and this is not at all a sign of weakness but on the contrary. This means simply that you have a strategic thinking and think well before making your decisions. If you have decided that flyers and leaflets are best advertising option for your business we can be your guiding light through the whole process. We know how to understand best your requirements and needs and our individual approach to every customer of ours will fascinate you. We can do all design, print and distribution for you and you will receive the best assistance ever from our associates that will help you in every stage of your campaign.

The situation of Harwich is in the most northern site of the coastline of Essex County with Northern Sea. The position of the town defined it as a very significant maritime town both civil and military for a long period of time in the past. The town became a naval base in 1657 and was quite fortified after that. The name of Harwich comes from Old English and means 'military settlement'. In the middle of 17th century a Royal Navy Dockyards was built in the town and its purpose was to prepare the fleet for the Anglo-Dutch Wars during that time. Later in the 18th century its importance faded away but it was given to private operators which continued to build commercial and naval ships.

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