Leigh On Sea

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The old settlement of Leigh-On-Sea was once very significant as it was on the primary shipping route to London. It is situated on the northern side of the estuary of the river Thames and is just several miles away from the North Sea to the east. From the Middle Ages till the twentieth century Old Leigh provided a big market square. There have been made some important redevelopments in the town during recent years and this attracts new residents in the town and increasing the whole population of the whole borough of Southend-on-Sea. In the 1990s and in the beginning of the twenty-first century the town suffered a significantly marked change. There appeared 24-hour supermarkets, similar retail parks and retail online shopping became also quite popular among residents. There also began functioning many new bars, cafes, restaurants, boutiques, galleries as a result of the demographic change in Leigh-On-Sea.

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