Did you know that most of the people simply don't pay attention to adverts on newspapers and others just switch the TV channel when commercials appear while watching TV. Although very popular among advertisers these two ways of advertising are not always as effective as most believe they are. It's just could cost you lots of money and the final outcome could be not as good as you have expected. Especially in case you are a new starting company adverts on newspapers or TV commercials could be not quite appropriate for your budget as your expenses could be quite like limited. Compared with newspaper and TV advertising direct marketing campaigns with flyers or leaflets could be much more effective. This is also what statistics says. Just take this wise decision of using leaflets for advertising and call us for your flyer or leaflet distribution campaign in Loughton.

Loughton is located just 13 miles north east of Charring Cross, Central London and has a population of about 31100 people living in the town. The town is very well connected with London as the Central Line, part of London Underground reaches it directly. At the early 1870s it was discovered an Iron Age fort in Epping Forest which is believed dated from around 500 BC. Loughton was a small village until the early 17th century when the high road was extended far north through the forest and this road quickly became the main road from London to Cambridge. The parish of the town covers an area of at about 3700 acres 1300 of which are part of Epping Forest. Loughton is quite near the Epping Forest which is a protected area and attracts many visitors every day.

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