Mutual respect, trust and loyalty are our three most significant values and we haven't stopped doing everything needed just to prove them in front of you. A main principle of ours is also that if you want to be treated well first you should treat others well. If you are following strictly this principle the chance to gain enormous respect is almost sure for you and furthermore you are going to feel calm and satisfied with your work. We are always honest with our customers and before starting a leaflet distribution campaign for a client first we are starting to believe that we are really going to help this client, popularize his brand and company. We have the right attitude, right professionals and could be the right company for you. If your choice is leaflet distribution in Maldon pick up your phone and dial our number. We will answer your needs!

The name of Maldon comes from Mael which means 'monument or cross' and dun meaning 'hill', so the whole name means 'monument on the hill'. There were once only two towns in Essex and Maldon was one of them. It is believed that King Eduard the Elder have lived here while battling with the Danish who had overrun North Essex and part of East Anglia. Later in the 1740s Maldon was also one of the chosen sites for landing for a French invasion however the French fleet was wrecked in storms and the forces never reached the English land. There is a memorial window in the church of All Saints dedicated to George Washington whose great-great grandfather is buried in the church. Nowadays the population of Maldon is 21400 inhabitants.

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