We at Leaflet in Essex have put into our work a very sophisticated software system that can show us the exact number of households in a certain area. This information is very useful when making the whole strategy of a direct marketing campaign and we could deliver it to you totally free. The number of households in a certain area is a key factor for your leaflet distribution campaign as it can show you to some extent what are your chances for success before starting leafleting. Of course there are many other factors that you should consider as well but very important here is that you should never underestimate any fact that gives information about all the stages of a direct marketing distribution campaign with leaflets and flyers. Call us before you start your next leaflet distribution campaign in Rochford and we`ll give you all the information that you need.

Rochford is a town in the East of England. It is situated about 43 miles from Central London and at about 21 miles from the Essex county town, Chelmsford. As per the census from 2001 the town has a population of 7610 inhabitants. Rochford Congregational Church has played a significant role in the local community since 1750. The Congregational Church established the first Dissenting School in the region. When some people were afraid that educated children of the lower classes might become a danger for the state, the Church ensured that ordinary people had 'a plain and useful education.' Until the beginning of 1980s most of the people working in the town were employed in the Lesneys factory- the famous manufacturer of the Matchbox miniature die cast models. Later in 1990 the company relocated to Rugby, Warwickshire.

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