Saffron Walden

Like every other company we love our business and put all our efforts and heart in what we are doing. We started as a flyer and leaflet distribution company and little by little we learned how to be the best on the market and we would be nothing without your trust and support. We haven't lost yet our passion to what we do every day in our work and no matter the economy is up or down we always hold to the things that influenced us to start a leaflet distribution business. Excitement never leaves us and we accept every challenge of the next day with smile and eagerness. Our professionalism and attitude are something that we are proud of and we are ready to prove it to you for your next leaflet distribution campaign in Saffron Walden.

There is evidence due to archaeological researches that there has been a continuous settlement on or near the site of Saffron Walden since at least the Neolithic period. Later there was a small Romano-British settlement in the area. After the Norman invasion in the 11th century a stone church was built and the beautiful Walden Castle dates from around 1140s. In the 16th and 17th centuries the flower saffron crocus was widely grown in the area due to the favourable climate and soil of the region. The flower was quite precious as it was used in medicine, as condiment, in perfume industry, as a yellow dye and as an aphrodisiac. As a matter of fact the name of the town comes from the name of saffron crocus flower. The town is with a population of 14300 inhabitants and it is 43 miles north of London.

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