Waltham Abbey

One of our creeds is Let's make it easy together and in our work what we are really trying to do is to make your way to success easier. As you probably know the word 'creed' comes from Latin and means 'believe'. We really believe in our creed and we are here to help you succeed in your business. We also know that our future prosperity is directly bonded with the success of our clients and so by helping you to succeed we actually are helping ourselves on the way to business success. Our credo reminds us and our employees why we are on the market and why we are doing our every-day efforts in our work. There is nothing to worry about when working with us, we'll make each stage of your leaflet distribution campaign unforgettable and you will feel happy at the end for choosing us to work with.

There are traces that there has been an ancient Roman settlement near Waltham Abbey. In the 17th century there has been open a gunpowder factory in the town due to the very good river communications and today there is a museum near the building where this factory was. The factory was sold to the government in 1787 and was significantly enlarged during the next century. In the World Was II the site was a target of German bombing and in 1945 a rocket landed near the factory causing serious damage of the property and significant loss of life. During the first half of the last century, the region was spaciously covered in glass-houses and market gardens.

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